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Don't judge me! (A post about video games)

Dara O’Brien just nails the whole video game art form, not only from the ridiculousness of the games themselves, but also from the perspective that not everyone plays them.


Some of my fave quotes:

“You cannot be bad at watching a movie; you cannot be bad at listening to an album; but you can be bad at playing a video game, and the video game will punish you, and deny you access to the rest of the video game. No other art form does this. You’ve never read a book and three chapters in, the book has gone: ‘what are the major themes of the book so far?'”

“Oh my god I’m in a gun battle! Which one of these buttons isn’t crouch?”

“You’re not supposed to like video games. It’s the largest entertainment industry in the world, and we’re supposed to NOT enjoy it. … If I’m at a dinner party and somebody asks me, ‘hey Dara, how do you like to relax after a gig,” it’s less embarrassing to say: ‘I like to masturbate to hard core pornography.'”

And his pantomime of what his video game characters look like perfectly reflects my character’s actions the first time I played Bioshock.

You can find the video at YouTube if the embedded one is stuck on crouch.

Hey, Alltop likes that pet a unicorn game! Via The Daily What.

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