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Don't make me Zardoz you

has your ruling class lost its mind?Sometimes things get ugly.

An argument goes awry. Friends drift apart. Families break up because they don’t share the same existential desires.

Sure, we all hope that eventually, human society will change for the better. Eventually, we’ll have a civilized strata, and a rough, hirsute barbarian underclass. This is as it should be. But god forbid the civilized group loses its mind and does things that are bad for all humanity!

This is what it is to be Zardozed.

(As we all are.)

Alltop is fond of the breech-clout.


  1. I, for one, welcome the world of tomorrow when we all drive around in our flying stone heads wearing the latest in underpants chic from Gaultier.

  2. Yes, the straps really pull the outfit together.

  3. That film was still better than Finding Forrester…

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