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Dr. Tundra's schadenfreude-y Christmas

Christmas balls with Elections Canada logoAll Dr. Tundra wanted for Christmas was an election.

And really bad weather.

Nothing would make him happier than to watch the political classes forgo the festive season and slog through slush, sleet and the occasional snowstorm, trying to win votes. And the media having to cover the whole damned sloppy thing too.

They deserved it, the whole lot of them.

He kept hearing that “nobody wants a Christmas election”, but he thought that was the politicians speaking, not the electorate. The politicians and the media.

He had his own special wish list that he’d drawn up for the parties too:

  • Liberals — rogue party officials donate their entire campaign war chest to The Centre for Practical Ethics at York University (the Liberals are nothing if not practical).
  • Conservatives — a gold watch, which will make a nice going-away present, which they can give to Harper when they don’t win the next election.
  • NDP — spine implants.
  • Bloc — the threat of divorce, hanging over all the married members’ heads.

Uninspired by:
February election in works | Original photo by Scuddr

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