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Dumbass Olympics: Australia vs. Canada

MooseIn the first game of the Dumbass Olympics, we have two legendary teams up against one another: Australia vs. Canada. Having just dominated the Commonwealth Games, Australia probably feels like they have this sewn up, particularly when you see their lead Dumbass: a 44-year-old man who stopped to ask the police for directions to Uluru (Ayers Rock). Two problems: he was only 100 metres away from it, and he was drunk.

But not to be outdone, a man in Nova Scotia has been busted for shooting a robotic moose!

We would like to congratulate him for seeing the dangers of the coming robot uprising, but unfortunately, he thought it was a real moose. And it was a sting operation by the Natural Resources Department. And the conservation officers were standing nearby, so he was easy to nab.

Why is it illegal to shoot a robotic moose? It’s not. It’s illegal to shoot the mainland moose because it’s an endangered species.

Round one goes to Canada. The decoy may look pretty real, but the conservation officers should have been a tip-off.

Mitigating factors: The Australian was drunk, and it WAS dark when he asked for directions to Uluru.

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