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Elegant Robot Week

cyborg looking scaryAs we approach the end of 2008 and start to get excited about all the new and exciting things that are going to happen in 2009 — will there be a depression? Can Obama possibly live up to expectations? Will Canada have YET ANOTHER federal election or will Canadians just say “fuck it” and hire a phalanx of baby-seal clubbers to execute our political class? (If we do, I’m going to suggest we replace their clubs with tack-studded waffle bats and high-voltage stainless steel probes that are designed to be “inserted”.)

Few people realize that 2009 is also the year in which the robotics industry really gets going, in its lead up to the technological singularity (and own redundancy). So, I say we celebrate robots this week. (Not necessarily elegant robots, but I like the idea that an elegant robot is possible, even though it’s not.)

For example, the Texter 8000 is anything but:

The Texter 8000

Are you like me, wondering what AFDN means?

More excellent (and humorous) robots can be found at ExtraLife’s 42 Robots Project. And don’t tell anyone, but I suspect Alltop and humor-blogs.com are some kind of technologically supported uber-funny human societies.


  1. Quizzling Quizzling

    A “phalanx” of baby sealers? Dear me. When equipped with hakapiks, a group of baby sealers is technically called a “braining”. Equipped with firearms, the same group would be called “pantywaist”.

    A phalanx, unless I am very much mistaken, is used correctly only when describing either Roman soldiers or the depression brought on by an inadequate sexual endowment.

    That said, I second the motion regarding their intended targets and the means of execution.

  2. I stand corrected. I believe you’re correct, and it is a “braining of baby sealers”, though I am glad to hear we’re starting to build a consensus on what to do with our politicians.

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