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Excruciating Album Cover Art — Let Me Touch Him

Let Me Touch Him -- The Minister's QuartetThis masterpiece from The Minister’s Quartet is not so terrible. It’s more a problem of context, really, than anything else.

Clearly, they are referring to Jesus, and what could be more natural than a man of the cloth wanting to “touch” the Savior and Messiah — metaphorically, you pervs!

Of course, here at The Skwib, we are not completely unaware of the news media, and so, have heard some of the stories about clergy abusing the younger members of their congregation. Did you know that as many as one in four clergymen is likely to sexually abuse a member of their church? We don’t want to get into the business of trying to parse those odds, but if that is an accurate figure (which it probably isn’t) our money is on this guy: Clergy man

The only way this cover could be worse? They could be wearing liturgical vestments.

Sorry, we didn’t mean “worse” — we meant more accurate.

Alltop wants to be touched. For more excruciation, join Paul Zon at his Museum of Bad Album Cover Art. Originally published in 2007, when for some bizarre reason I had comments turned off!