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Thanks for liking my author’s page on Facebook. Here’s a few deals to make it easier for you to buy one of my novels.

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The Fridgularity

The Fridgularity
Winner of the 2012 IndieReader Discovery Award for Best Humor

My latest novel is a satire of the technological singularity. It examines what happens when a web designer’s web-enabled fridge becomes the conduit for an entity called Zathir, which has evolved on the Internet and promptly locked all humans out of its home.

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Marvellous Hairy

Marvellous Hairy - a novel in five fractalsMy second novel is called Marvellous Hairy — a novel in five fractals.

Marvellous Hairy is the touching story of a surrealistic novelist and his descent down the family tree as he is regressed to a monkey state by the evil Gargantuan Enterprises; his friends find out and have a plan to save him and fight the man the best way they know how: with liberal doses of grain alcohol and applied Chaos Theory.

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The Amadeus Net

The Amadeus NetThe Amadeus Net is my first novel, at least, the first that I will admit to. It is a futuristic satire that asks the question, would an immortal Mozart have his own “sprouter” snipped off? Do sentient cities fall in love?

Get the ebook (all formats) for $2.99 at

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