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Forty-seven Signs of the Apocalypse (#28)

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From the Book of Unpardonable Footwear:

And so it was that Amos, the Most Holy Prophet of in the Reign of Uzziah, said unto the Chosen: “A time comes when there shall be a confluence of Sandals and Stogies.”

sinful boot sandalsYet the Chosen knew not of Stogies, and Amos was made to explain: “When we have returned to Judah, and danger is all around, there shall be riders of horses, and keepers of cows. And the cows and the horses will maketh of men beasts, and they shall wear cloven hooves on their feet. They shall revel in their wicked ways, and drinketh of the beer and watcheth of the Nascar. And many years shall pass, and their sin shall no bounds, when they cut their Shit-Kickers to look like the Holy Sandal.”

And a wail of despair came from the Chosen, but Amos would not shut up.

“Lo, it shall be! The Boots will Become Open-Toed, and the Lord will Weep to see their shame. And the End of Days shall loom!”

As foretold in mythic times — satirical novels and flash fiction to keep you in sin!

Alltop is one funny little open-toed doggie. Newsy proof: Cowboy boot sandals a hot new summer trend