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Forty-seven Signs of the Apocalypse (#30)


From the Book of Badonkadonk

Yeah, verily, there shall be days of great wickedness, and the righteous shall be baffled by the Profligate and Vainglorious. There shall be a Box of Temptation, and this Box will taketh of images, and the Profligate shall worship these images. And they shall be posted on the Gram of Instants, and Book of Faces, and there will be as many pictures of their own Selves as there are unclean things in a midden.

And lo, those with junk in their trunk will want to shareth of their booty, and showeth of their posteriors, and boasteth of their marvellous rumps, yet their Box of Temptation will not allow them to make such images. Unto the Sin of Selfie, the Makers of On shall spawn the Stick of Belfie. And there will be Images of Great Butt, and the wicked will rejoice.

It will be a Sign of the End.

Alltop is better from behind. Newsy Proof: Belfie Stick Shoots A Very Different Image