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Forty-seven signs of the apocalypse (#31)

From the Book of the Blessed Pie

pizzaofevilIt shall come to pass that the Pharisees of the Hut will take the Blessed Pie and unto it they shall do wicked things.

They will stuff the crust with their wantonness and cheese, and maketh of the Pie an Abomination. And there will be great perturbation among the People of Nutrition. And weeping. But the Pharisees of the Hut will not be content with the abhorrence of the cheese. Their wickedness shall know no bounds.

And in the Land of Twit, they will the flesh of dogs, and press this dubious meat into the form of tubes, and heat it, the very entrails of evil. And the Pharisees of the Hut shall take this Hot Dog, and into the crust of the Blessed Pie they shall stuff it.

Lo! There shall be terrible Heart Disease. And the children will feed on the Abomination. They will grow fat and restless.

And the wicked shall rejoice in the intestinal obstructions. And the dread beast Diabetes shall be released unto the land.

Alltop is restless for humor. Newsy Proof of the Prophecy in The Guardian: The hot dog stuffed pizza.