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Forty-seven Signs of the Apocalypse (#33)

Gilping Family Whiskey, made from diabetics' urine

From the Book of Libations

Truly, there shall be Signs of the Apocalypse. And one of the many signs could maketh the strongest man throw upeth of his dinner, in his mouth just a little bit.

And in the Land of the Twit, there shall be an alchemist of Great Vision, and his Vision shall be one of pure and delicious Evil. Lo, for truly, only in the Land of the Twit would they make strong spirits out of the urine of their elders.

Verily, they shall taketh of the urine, expelled by the elderly who cannot digest of the sugar. And this sweet, sweet waste shall become a Whiskey of Abomination.

And there shall be drinking of this pisskey, and weeping, and the Passing of the Quaich of Shame.

Alltop doesn’t see anything wrong with this. Newsy proof via Wired: Whisky made from diabetics’ urine. Photo by James Gilpin. More about the project here..


  1. I’m so glad to have The Land of Twit explained to me. I’ve been living here for years without understanding a thing.

  2. Well, it’s changed since they wrote the Bible, obviously. This is a worrying Sign though.

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