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Forty-seven Signs of the Apocalypse (#34)


From the Book of Jerry

And yea, it shall be a time of great lamentation and strangeness.

The fish of the seas shall drink of the bones of the past, and the birds of the sky shall be coated in its blackness, and the race of Adam shall be helpless before its wrath.

But in this era of evil a man shall send another man a Parcel. And it shall contain a book of fiction, and filled with lies and tales of great wantonness and evil. And they shall both make use of the Mail. And the Parcel will arrive many days before the Pharisees of the Postal Service said it would arrive.

And they will tremble, and fear, for they shall see it as A Sign of the End.

Alltop always uses the Pharisees of The Brown. Newsy proof: I can attest to this one. Quite a few review copies of Marvellous Hairy have arrived well before what the US and Canadian postal services have promised! (And of course, the first paragraph is clearly about the Gulf oil spill.) Postmark photo by stvcr.