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Get The Fridgularity free on Kindle — today and tomorrow!

The Fridgularity - cover image

Chill out. It’s only the technological singularity.

Okay, this is absolutely your LAST CHANCE to get a copy of my new book for free. Get on the bandwagon early!

Check out some of the great reviews this book is getting:

“This is a terrifically enjoyable novel – for those with a sense of humour. Once I picked this book up, I really couldn’t put it down until I’d finished.”
~J. Cameron-Smith

“Fridgularity is a wonderfully wacky must-read for anyone who has concerns about Accelerating Artificial Intelligence, religious zealots in monkey suits, portly pirates, and the true nature of spirituality as it may exist within us and throughout the universe. Anyone who manages to stitch, seamlessly, all these elements into one finely-tuned novel, is worth reading for the sheer awe of the experience. The poignant underlying message is just gravy.”
~Cal Chayce

“Sci-Fi hilarity reminiscent of Douglas Adams …An energetic plot that keeps you guessing, really funny dialogue and ironic situations, an intellectual curiosity about the direction of society and a kick-ass cover… this is Rayner’s best work to date and one that has the potential to be a bestseller. Comparisons to Douglas Adams are legit. Read and enjoy.”
~Mark Young

“Ninjas, media zombies and new ways to Facebook and Twitter. Mark gives pages after pages of a comical sci-fi like no other.”
~Donald Armfield

“The Fridgularity is a fun, quirky story that makes you ponder our dependence on the Internet, and intertwines it with a sci-fi feel in the spirit of War Games. I especially like Mr. Rayner’s sense of humor, as witnessed in these pages, as well as in Pirate Therapy. There is an obvious intelligence behind the mocking he so abundantly enjoys. He has a way of making you think, as well as entertaining you.”
~Literary R&R

Alltop loves free bandwagons.