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Get wormin!

Schisto the Happy Fun Time Breathing wormIn retrospect, the Surgeon General thought that they should have hired an American company instead of a Japanese firm to run the ad campaign. But they’d come so highly recommended!

And they needed serious help with the new asthma cure. The whole thought of implanting schistosome †the tiny parasitic worm that leads to bilharzias, a disease that they can cause anaemia and fatigue, and in some cases make the victim pass red urine †was not appealing to start with.

But the little buggers were capable of ending asthma, a much more serious condition, and much more prevalent. Still, nobody was excited about implanting worms in their own blood systems.

So they had begun an extensive educational ad campaign, and hired the same firm that prevailed upon the Japanese people to start cooking their fish. Now THAT was attidudinal marketing at its best.

Perhaps they were somewhat fatigued by that pr success. Perhaps it was a conspiracy. Whatever the reasons, the company had come up with a campaign that was not in touch with American youth.

Yep, Schisto the Happy Fun Time Breathing Worm had been a resounding flop.

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Worms to help combat allergies | Photo by Gusano

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