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A Life of Adventure

A life of adventure
He was born Jars Peeblefrench, son of Bjorn and Nellie Peeblefrench, of the Stavenger Peeblefrenches — a family of well-established merchants in the toenail clipping district. Jars was tired of being Norwegian, and he left his family for a life of adventure and creeping insanity on the high seas.

Frustrated by his eternal desire for lutefisk and herring, he instead tamed the Turtle-Beast of Neepneep; he then conquered most of the Japanese Islands through a combination of terror, sheer chutzpa and cartoons that had no discernable plot or coherent narrative.

Later, he was bronzed while riding the massive reptile, and is now known simply as “Barry.”

Alltop is the Barry of humor aggregators. Part of the Toulouse Le Grandfig collection. | Photo by QbiT