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Ostern Geruchwochenende (Easter Smellweekend)

Bunny dudeOne day the world would be willing to accept them, but for now, Orlando Bloom and his rabbit would have to stare wistfully from the doorway of their Uber-shack. Orlando thought of better times, other sets of pointy ears that he’d worn, and how, really, it all came back to those days in Florida, when he was just a zygote.

Meanwhile, Alexis Deathhracka planned his revenge. Yes, very soon his plan would come to fruition and the world would tremble before his awesome power. He would destroy Cincinnati, once his atomic bunny suit was fully powered.

But first, the freak in the ears had to put him down so he could go chew on his own fecal matter.

Alltop is all about the siflay hracka, man. Photo by Scragz. Originally published May 2007.

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