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Religious Convictions

Wanda and James and their religious beliefsWanda and James fell in love when they were performing the off-off-off-Broadway production of Sid Whelp’s Mutant Buggery Marginal Headlice Bingo Floormop Pastrami-on-Rye Asphalt Follies. (Usually shortened to “The Mutant Follies”.) In addition to their love of the theatre, they shared a unique faith; they both belonged to an obscure sect of Zoroastrianism in which acolytes were sent forth into the world to torment unsuspecting minor officials by lacing their undergarments with Ben-Gay.

For their honeymoon, they decided to visit China, where their religious convictions were not appreciated. (Especially by the minor officials.)

Alltop and humor-blogs.com should also be convicted.

Part of the Toulouse Le Grandfig collection. Photo by midiman