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At the Grocer's

At the Grocers“Hello Mrs. Biffy.”

“Hello Mr. Dingus-trap, how is business?”

“Very well thank you. The usual?”

“Thank you Mr. Dingus-trap. Except, today Larry is looking for something new.”

“Such as?”

“A player piano?”

“Oh, you’re in luck Mrs. Biffy, we just had one shipped in yesterday.”

“Yes, I see it’s beautiful. But will it fit in my ear?”

“Oh, I don’t see why not, Mrs. Biffy. It is a standard-sized player piano, after all, not the whopping great size I usually order in.”

“Excellent, then we’ll take that, and oh, yes, an extra half-pound of butter. Larry says he’d like to go spelunking later.”

Alltop and humor-blogs.com enjoy crawling into big holes too. Originally published November 2006.”