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markarayner.com: monkey-driven fiction since 2002

Discerning primates will appreciate some of the things they will be able to find at this website. Less discriminating monkeys may want to print off a few pages, and line their cages with it.

Most of this site is about my fiction, some of which you will be able to read in that section; of course, you can read an excerpt from my first novel, The Amadeus Net, published by ENC Press. (You can buy it online at Alibris (anywhere), ENC PRESS (US only), or from the Ontario Library Association store. (Canada only). You can learn more about the futuristic satire here.

You’ll also find blog (pronounced blaaahhhg) here. It is called The Skwib, and it has eaten at least one novel’s worth of words, and has such categories as “Monkeys!” and “Satire & Parody”.

I will also post news right here when it is available, and it will be archived in that section.

If you are really interested, I have some info about myself on the site. This is the section to head for if you’re interested in pirates (and monkeys).

Eventually, there will be cake. Arrghh! (And eeek.)