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Hey John, I've got a question: need a ride to the airport? (update)

Something is starting to smell bad…

It’s nice to see Letterman in good form. (Paul got in a few licks too.)



Yeah, McCain really rubbed Letterman the wrong way. But who doesn’t get upset when they are blown off and then lied to about why. “We find out today he didn’t really leave (NY) ’till this morning. . . The economy held on just long enough for him to get back there. (Washington, DC).”


More smells at humor-blogs.com and alltop. And more insanity is available at the excellent Carnival of the Insanities.


  1. Hahaha, I’ve never see Dave that vicious

  2. Dave truly is a legend.

  3. Yeah, he must have been pissed off. (Of course, he had a reason to be.)

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