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Hidden quirky smile

Hidden quirky smile by marchasselbalch
Hidden quirky smile, a photo by marchasselbalch on Flickr.

Two notes:

  1. An excellent week of stuff upcoming on The Skwib this week.
  2. Dear NASA: For future reference, if you drop your crap in my backyard, I’m not telling you. Especially if it sets anything on fire. Finders keepers.
  3. The Kindle Giveaway continues. Join my mailing list, The MonkeySphere for more free, absurd and humorous fiction, plus a chance to win a Kindle. ($139 Amazon gift card.)
  4. I’m aware that was three things.
  5. Also aware that was four, and now there is a horrible feedback loop that will take all my willpower to —
Alltop is funny feedback loop!