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History and a tool (not a rude post)

Another carnival to report on: you can find the Carnival of History at Willisms.com, where I submitted the 4th of July Lost Power Point Slides (I know, it seems like a long time ago now, but it is the best-researched one of the series. There is a nice collection of links to posts about Jared Diamond’s Guns, Germs and Steel, which is a book I have a huge amount of respect for. There’s also an interesting post on the ancient phallus uncovered last week [The Skwib’s take on it here] in Switzerland, from Alun.

May I also recommend a new tool too? Talk Digger is a great way to see who’s linking to you in one go. You’ll find it here. An invaluable tool for those of us in the “obsessive checking of stats” phase of our weblogs.