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Human rights, hippo plights and blogrolly sights

Demonstration event: organ relayOkay, first off, Happy Birthday to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which has a Canadian connection, by the way.

Taking us to the other extreme, PooterGeek discovered Saddam has a lucrative endorsment deal with Birds Custard.

And lest you think that my series of Beijing Olympic mascots satire is tasteless (the “organ relay” demonstration sport pictured to left) I’d have you reflect on this story from China, about how protestors have been killed by the “authorities” and a village sealed. The satire is a whole lot less unsavory than the reality.

Okay, let’s lighten things up with this news that the Pope is to change D&D cosmology courtesy of Siflay Hraka.

As a fellow dog owner, I can tell you that The Poutine Diaries is right, when it says: There is no bad smell.

I enjoyed Mr. Snitch’s post: What makes a blog stand out? (Particularly the call for more civility in comments.)

Perhaps the Liberals could include this in their anti-crime package: Got a problem with youth violence and crime? Drive it away with barrel organ music.

And I don’t know, I found this story both odd and oddly touching: Tortoise adopts baby hippo.