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I read my blogroll! (#2)

Okay, here’s some blogrollish goodies, starting with this vicious satire from Jesus’ General. You may find it offensive, but I think he’s got a point.
In another Bush-related bash, Steve at The Poutine Diaries hit the nail on the head with How To Tell When Someone Is Lying.

On the lighter side, there is this empirical study from MIT “on the effectiveness of aluminum foil helmets“, by way of Leslie’s Omnibus. Turns out, they don’t help. (The helmets.) In fact, they may give evil government cabals even more control of our minds. (I’m having a lead and uranium helmet made right away.)

On the other end, you’ll find Wrong Door Blues, at Less People Less Idiots.

Unintended consequences can happen, even with website names. This gem is a list of such website urls via Mr. Snitch! (For example: New to Milan and you need electric light? Why not sign up on-line with Power-Gen? www.powergenitalia.com)