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I read my blogroll (#4)

Before we get to the blogroll, my apologies if you tried to drop by The Skwib yesterday and saw the Zid (my web host) login panel instead. I still don’t know how it happened. The scary thing is that they don’t either. I suspect my roundup of the Beijing Olympic mascots has rubbed someone in China the wrong way.

Joe Mahoney is the writer of a new addition to the blogroll, Assorted Nonsense. He’s another one of those poor fools who write SF, and he’s also a producer at the CBC, and he occasionally gets to combine the two. In the Problem with Tribbles SF, he explains what’s plaguing SF. Personally, I think it could all be fixed with more General Kang. Over at Blog D’Ellison, Ellison proves this point in his review of the Revenge of the Sith. Though not as bad as the first two, he still gave it a “hot piss” ranking. And yes, I know that technically speaking Star Wars is science fantasy, not SF. A pox on all definitions!

But just imagine how much cooler the whole thing would have been if General Kang had been dispensing advice instead of Yoda!

On a serious note — really — I totally agree with James in his post, It’s Time for a Change. I too long to see Green Party MPs and NOT having the Liberals in power for a while. On the other hand there is the Harper factor. Case at Taseful Future has blown the lid off the margarine tub!