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I read my blogroll (#7)

Mr. Snitch found a fascinating article on the newspaper business and condensed for easy reading. It begins with a discussion of the linotype machine and how newspaper owners were so keen to get rid of it (and the expensive operators).

So how would Superman make ends meet without his lousy newspaper job? Elisson has the answer.

Over at Leslie’s Omnibus, they have endured the same bionic sleep routine that was recently inflicted on Mark.

If you’re feeling sleepy, keep in mind that the TAN-man has instituted the “blink don’t wink” campaign. Finally, the voice of reason!

We enjoyed this skwibby fiction from Jesus’ General about Tim Russert’s upbringing.

My Blahg has suggested with tongue-in-cheek (we hope) that Canada get some Nukes Now. Then again, General Kang says we’d be idiots not to have them …

And to wrap things up, Steve at The Poutine Diaries has asked us to give London (Ontario) a new name. Here are the (predictable) suggestions from The Skwib crew: Kangtown, Thagville and Tundra Junction. (The last one makes no sense at all, as London is not a junction town.) Mark has suggested an Italo Calvino-like name Parochia.