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I read my blogroll! (Edition #1)

I’ve been trying to point out fun and interesting stuff that I’ve read on my blogroll from time to time, but now I’d like to make it more formal. I shall be doing this on a regular basis on Sundays. Yes, the Day That Blogging Forgot.

Halloween & sartorial issues

More Halloween goodness from Mr. Snitch, including, How to Make a Head in a Jar. He give good link. Steve at The Poutine Diaries picked up on the Worst Halloween Costumes and showed us his. He one ugly woman. Archer at TunafishNews continues to amuse, with this post about Hobbits and Geroge F. Will. Heh, heh.

Oscar at The Columnist Manifesto is trying to start a new meme, with What is your oldest piece of clothing? Mine is a suit I had custom-fit when I was travelling in Thailand circa 1990. That makes it 15 years old. I can still stuff myself into the jacket, but thankfully the pants no longer fit, so I don’t wear it, though I could (thus qualifying for the meme). The damn thing makes me look like a Thai pimp. I mean, it’s shiny!


This week — a cornucopia of posts that pillory the politicians in the White House. Perhaps next week I’ll have some Canadian politcs to point at as well.

Damn! I think Jesus’ General has this whole Bush-Miers thing figured out. Laurence at IFOC News made me snarffle me Timmy’s when I read: Bush has run out of incompetent cronies to appoint. One of my favorite blogs is Mr. Sun’s and I enjoyed this bit about Cheney.

Personal notes

I was saddened to see that Budak’s travels in Canada are not going to be good for his health. And finally, Carmi made me laugh at him (in a nice way) with Batmobile loses 2 wheels.

If you’re not mentioned, don’t worry. I’m sure I enjoyed your blog this week too, but I couldn’t include everything.