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Is Mozart still alive?

cartoon of Mozart with rainbow wigAnd is he wearing one of those rainbow clown wigs?

One of the premises of my first novel is that Mozart is alive and well. (And living in the future, where clown wigs, political posturing, and human stupidity have been eradicated.)

In the book, Mozart spends a lot of his time playing jazz piano, considering sex-change operations, and falling in love with lesbian nurses, but how does he support these diverting hobbies? By selling “lost” Mozart manuscripts through auctioneers such as Sotheby’s.

Kinda like the one they sold yesterday:

A leaf in Mozart’s hand with cadenzas written for the Sinfonia Concertante in E flat, one of his first masterpieces, sold Tuesday for £110,900 ($230,550) at auction in London.

The full story is on the CBC.ca site. You can get the book directly from the ENC Press site, or at Alibris.


  1. How did I not think of that?
    Oh, wait…because I’m not batshitfuckinginsane.

    Best book concept since Herbert decided to put a bunch of ppl on a desert planet and pretend it’s a metaphor.

    Honest, I love this.

    In my mind, I’m calling it Wolfgang and the Angry Inch.

  2. i love the movie amadeus mozart!i have it on dvd!and it is so awesome1

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