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It's an honour just tou be nouminated

Vote for best Canadian humour blog here! (Scroll about two-thirds down to find The Skwib, hint, hint — actually, I’ve been informed the list regenerates randomly, so you’ll have to search. Just pretend you’re hunting caribou on the tundra.)

Less Canadian humour here and here. (You can tell because they’re both spelled humOR instead of humOUR.


  1. (Scroll about two-thirds down to find The Skwib, hint, hint.)

    Well, actually, the poll randomizes the order of its choices everytime it loads for somebody, so it might be at the top, bottom, or somewhere between there.

  2. ^NEVER!!!!

  3. Ah. I just got the “nouminated” bit. (A bit slouw oun the uptake, me.)

  4. I tend to use the US spelling more than a good Canadian boy should. I’m just a good neighbour. (And my spell-checker is a Yank.)

  5. Congrats! I voted for you.

  6. Your title cracks me up, too, because I find myself throwing a ‘U’ in every word that contains an ‘O’, and then ignoring the american spell check, just in case.

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