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  1. Hey, if they keep on winning… they must be getting help from somewhere!

    After they lost three games in a row, I thought that the “tebow magic” was gone. Tebow showed me otherwise when he beat the Steelers to get into the playoffs! In atonement, I created a photoshopped parody of Tim Tebow having “earned his wings” and showing them off to the Virgin Mary in Botticelli’s Annunciation painting. You can see the parody at http://artparodies.com/2012/tebow-earns-his-wings/ ,

    It is actually my third tebowing parody. All three can be viewed in my Celebrities Gallery at http://artparodies.com/celebrities/ .

    If Tebow gets the Broncos into the superbowl, I’ll add a halo above his head in each of the parodies! What are the odds that they actually might win the superbowl???

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