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Keep the 'naughty' in naughty bits!

flowerOr, why The Skwib does not support the Sex Party of Canada

It’s not just because they don’t have any candidates in this federal election, no it’s much more elemental than that.

Here at The Skwib, our editorial board feels that sex is best left to one’s prurient imagination. Heaven forefend that “sexual gradualism” be taught in our schools, which in the Sex Party platform is described as:

… a school sexual education program that encourages sexual activity – but in a gradual and disciplined way.

Discipline is not everyone’s cup of tea.

And when it comes to public nudity, the sight of all the differently shaped and sized . . . bits . . . has been the source of not only annoyance, but also a deep and abiding sense of unease. We feel there is a very real danger that this kind of activity will create an atmosphere that promotes bare bodies. This could presage a dangerous societal shift; imagine the horrors of a populace that is actually comfortable with the naked human body!

We feel that nudity should be treated as it used to be: it should be dirty!

That said, we think the party should be allowed to mail its “tasteful literature” via Canada Post. We also think that the editorial board of The Skwib would be an excellent venue for the party to decide if their literature was tasteful or not.

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