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Keeper says humans 'the filthiest' creature he's ever had to take care of

LONDON (Ruetars) — Dick “The Animal Man” Smiley is the appointed keeper for the new exhibit of humans at the famous London Zoo, and he is not impressed with his new charges.

“Yep, I’m their keeper. I’ve had to take care everything — warthogs, elephants, rhinos, and for a while, I was in charge of a badly conceived maggot exhibition, but let me tell you, those humans the worst of the lot ” he told Ruetars.

The London Zoo claims the new exhibit of humans is a not publicity stunt, but a reminder that humans are animals too.

“They screw more than the chimps, they fight more than male rams in rutting season, and do you have any idea what it’s like to clean up after humans have eaten a meal of curry vindaloo?” Smiley said.

The exhibit runs until Monday.

“Can’t end soon enough for me,” said Smiley.

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