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Launch day reviews of Alpha Max

Launch day is always a nail-biting affair. So, in an attempt to keep a skein of control on this thing, I thought I’d list the new reviews here as they come in. Curated, of course, ’cause I’m like that.

Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews

Amy adored The Fatness, but I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure a weirdo science fiction story would be as much up her alley. But she loved it! Review here on her site!


★★★★★ Hilarious!

“If I’m ever abducted by aliens, I hope it’s these aliens (well, the fun ones, not the bunnies). This book is an absolute riot! Fast-paced, great characters, and great world-building. A must read if you love books that make you laugh out loud.” –Maureen H.

★★★★★ Does not disappoint

“Since I first found out about Mark A. Rayner, I’ve always said… the man knows how to tell a story. He does not disappoint here. Alpha Max, is funny… the kind of funny that has you thinking while your laughing. If that’s your bag, Mark is your guy.” –D. Brown

There’s more on Amazon already, and you can find them, and buy the book, there!

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