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Looking for Dr. Manhattan

Sylvia and her best friend PatAfter seeing Watchmen, Sylvia and her best friend Pat were so excited by the film, they decided to become superheroes themselves.

Pat became “The Welder”, while Sylvia opted for a less constraining costume, styling herself simply: “The Blower”.

They didn’t fight much crime; instead, they spent most of their evening hours in a fruitless search for massive cerulean irradiated schlong. They did, however, acquire an arch-nemesis, they later called, “The Gonorreathor”.

Alltop likes anything irradiated. Blue is just a bonus. Thanks to Foxtongue for finding this photo. Originally published in April, 2009.


  1. I had to look up the word “cerulean.” Now I will forever associate it with Dr. Manhattan’s massive member.

  2. I’m somewhat concerned you did not need to look up “Gonorreathor”.

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