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Marvellous Hairy — Episode Three

The Marvellous Hairy PodcastsIn Episode Three (chapters six, seven and eight), we are introduced to the bit players in the novel — Seedy, Spider, Blossom and Hippolyta, Ted Shute’s giant-booted emo daughter. The narrator, Rob explains what The Cult of the Claw is all about, and we learn what Nick is thinking as he writes his e-journal in his beloved Titania3000.

An excerpt from Nick’s journal:

In the lab they asked me questions. Deep questions and I hid the answers. Like I do every day, except with you, my lovely Titania3000!

Happily, the scientists decided to proceed. And they swabbed the lower end of my spine with Novocain, stinging, then numb. And in went a deep needle, fushed my fish, mealed my monkey, and deeper went the vile liquid that they wanted to test on me. It did no harm, except to say that now there is a large, swollen bump there, very near the base of my spine. It is tender. And red. Delicate like the prose in monkeyjoy!

It proceeds in another file, a digital brother to this record of my transformation. Who knows, perhaps someday it will be done and we can all have soup for our souls – and not just of the chicken noodle variety!

Mulligatawny ho!

You can find Episode One here, and Episode Two here. Or you may want to subscribe via iTunes. I’ll be listing all the released episodes here, and when I’ve got five done, I’ll be joining Podiobooks.com.

You can buy the book at the publisher’s website, because surely you don’t want to wait until the Fall, when it will be in stores?