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Mini-Skwibs: Critters Edition

pythonFresno Pythonesque

You do not own a snake. You know that. You are awakened by the delicate, excruciating pain of having your arm squeezed by a four-foot python. And then it bites you.

After you fling it off, and get some medical attention, a thought occurs to you: your day can only get better, right?


A Hundred Freaky Feet

You are unsure what is rustling behind the TV, but it’s probably a mouse.

Nope, it’s a venomous South American centipede.

And it says: “hej majn, what are joo looking at?”

Venomous AND psycho-reactive.

Pathetically Endowed Fish Love

Bob the mosquitofish never had much with the ladies. His tiny thing was of no interest to them. They much preferred the whale-like yang of Jeremy the Bahamian mosquitofish. This was both bad and good news.

Bad news: Bob didn’t get much of a chance to pass along his tiny thing DNA.

Good news: Much less likely to be eaten because Jeremy was slowed down by his whale-like yang.