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Monday scotch blogging: a proposal

This series of short videos (and extremely annoying ads) at the Esquire website feature the actor Brian Cox demonstrating how to pronounce a large variety of scotch names.

brian cox drinking a lot of scotch

My modest proposal is that we should recreate this useful series and actually consume a dram for each scotch in the list. Perhaps when a scotch’s name is mis-pronounced another dram must be consumed of it until it is pronounced properly.

Ambulances will have to be hired, of course, and we should probably have a doctor and still-master on hand in case of emergencies.

Alltop likes to put ice in its scotch, the heathen. Via the Presurfer


  1. Wow, those were extremely annoying ads. And loud. I wanted to see all the Brian Cox videos, but lost patience after 2 loud ads. Now I am doomed to mispronounce An Cnoc and Benromach.

    Intriguing proposal you have, though.

  2. I should have mentioned — you can play them all in one go, and you get fewer ads that way, but yes, they’re very annoying.

    I’d like to see all Scots actors do a version of this.

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