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Mozart’s birthday today

To celebrate, let’s play his famous requiem:

The Amadeus NetAnd then go check out The Amadeus Net, a novel in which I posit that:

  • the big guy never died
  • he toys with the idea of gender realignment
  • when not contemplating the snipping of his “sprouter”, he enjoys playing jazz
  • the composer is much beloved by the world’s first sentient city.

Paperback via ENC Press. Available as ebooks on Kindle and at Smashwords.

Alltop is the world’s first sentient humor aggregator. Thanks to Yareah Magazine for noting the date.


  1. Hey, Mark. You have an error in the link. Check it!

  2. admin admin

    Thanks Martin — fixed it! And thanks for paying attention over there at Yareah. I always mean to do this post, but I usually forget.

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