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Offend-a-tron 3000: Buddhism

Buddha with roast babyWe like Buddhism. If ever we were to join an organized religion, it would be Buddhism. However, in an attempt to create offensive images about religions other than the “big three”: Islam, Christianity and Judaism, The Skwib has invented the Offend-a-tron 3000; simply choose a religion from our database, and the Offend-a-tron 3000 pumps out the most offensive image it can. (Google is in talks with us about buying this invention, and thinking of calling it Google Affront.)

One of the big precepts in Buddhism is not to take the life of anything living. A baby is alive right? Not if it’s roasted and served with carrots! And that’s what our Buddha is about to enjoy. You can just see him being mindful of how good it’s going to taste.

Just to be really offensive, let’s imagine that he’s drunk too.

So, we need to know, is this more offensive than Muhammad with Bomb for a turban or less?

Next week: Fat Jainists


  1. Luckily even if Buddhists did find it shameful they would be forced to light themselves on fire, not other countries embassies.

  2. So, we need to know, is this more offensive than Muhammad with Bomb for a turban or less?

    What kind of sauce is it served with? You can’t expect us to answer these things with incomplete information.

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  4. MB MB

    A couple quick sevas, an eloquent mantra, and your fine 😉 (either way)

  5. Offended? How could I be offended? I\’m completely emotionally detached from anything in this life. The only person you have offended is yourself. I can tell that you are in pain, so I feel sorry have compassion for you.

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