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Professor Quippy: Counterintuitive dieting tips

Professor QuippyIf you’re a fat bastard trying to shed a few pounds, you may want to lay off the artificial sweeteners.

According to a study from Purdue University, rats fed a diet of artificially sweetened yoghurt ate more and gained more weight than those fed yoghurt sweetened with sugar.

Okay, so if you’re a pudgy rat, then avoid the artificial sweeteners for sure, but the researchers believe there may be similar effect on humans. They think the artificial sweetener may screw up the body’s natural ability to track calories based on sweetness, and cause it to want to eat more.

They may also increase your craving for garbage and cause an uncontrollable urge to enter politics.

You can find more of the whiskery details at the Globe and Mail. Other failed dieting plans here.


  1. don don

    But Damn it! With the right financial backing and a case of diet coke I could win!

  2. Mark Mark

    My first thought when reading this was “who the f*** feeds rats with yoghurt?”

    Oh, those wacky scientists.

  3. I’m sure they feed them all kinds of wackier things in other studies. There’s probably even a study at some university where they’re feeding them politicians. (Is that a form of cannibalism?) m.

  4. Yep–if it’s artificial, it flat out isn’t good. As much as Rickey dislikes “big sugar” their unrefined products aint all that bad for ya. It’s only when you get into the realms of high fructose corn syrup that things get a little sticky (pardon the pun).

  5. biz biz

    I agree that weight is very important aspect of the health. But sincerely, I am not the fan of diets because simple reason – if you are overweight due to eating too much you can loose weight, but you will bulk up back, if you continue to eat as you used, after diet ending. I think that only solution is to have non-stop balanced nutrition intake.

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