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Professor Quippy: Green beer?

Professor QuippyAnd not the horrible dye-in-your-substandard-lager kind of green either.

Pursuit Dynamics of Huntingdon has a new technology which takes the wort boil to eleven. The wort boil is not a demented Biblical plague (seriously, warts on your boils!), but the stage of brewing when “hops are added to liquid containing malted cereal grains.” Normally it takes a lot of energy, but the new technology uses “supersonic steam” to cut energy consumption by 40 percent.

It also reduces waste and pollution, so overall, it really is good for the planet.

The bad news? Well, the supersonic steam is a bit rough and it “rips the liquid apart completely to form tiny, atomised droplets,” according to the New Scientist. What will that do to the brew? No reviews are available, but if it’s any indication, the two breweries that have signed on for the new technology (called PDX), are Coors and Carlsberg.

I will let you draw whatever inference you would like.

The full story here: Supersonic steam produces green beer (subscription required), and once you’ve decided not to read that, you may want to belly up to humor-blogs.com for a sip of more stupidity.