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Professor Quippy: How not to drum up support for controlling greenhouse gas emissions

Professor QuippyExplain that global warming will reduce the amount of snow that Canadians will have to shovel.

The Globe and Mail got its hands on the latest report on the impacts of global warming from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), and they’re reporting that by 2050, people will no longer be able to go snowmobiling (ironically a cause of global warming).

Now, you might think that’s not the end of the world — but what about Californian wines? They will be unable to grow grapes in the California of 2050, so enjoy that pinot now while you can.

Still, no snow shoveling. That’s good. I’m not excited about the 50 percent increase in ragweed pollen, nor the swarms of Lyme Disease-riddled ticks, but no snow shoveling.

No skiing, tobogganing, pond hockey, or White Christmases either. But no snow shoveling. Hey!

Mop and Pail story here.