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Professor Quippy: Research shows chatting with babes is good for a man's mental health

Professor QuippyMore groundbreaking science from the Institute of the Painfully Obvious has revealed what men have instinctively understood since we came down out of the trees and starting knocking about on the plain: having ANY kind of conversation with an attractive woman is good for a man’s mental health.

Not to be too facetious though ”¦ the mechanics of this truth are kind of interesting. Researchers at the University of California recruited 149 male volunteers between the ages of 18-24. Two thirds of the group got to spend five minutes being interviewed by the most smoking research assistants the scientists could hire (without arousing the suspicions of the Department of Feminist Studies). One third got to talk to some male nerd.

The lucky 100 interviewed by the hotties saw a huge spike in their testosterone and cortisol levels (14% and 48% respectively.) The poor bastids interviewed by the wretched male nerd actually saw a tiny drop in both levels.

Cortisol helps reduce stress and improves mood. Testosterone, that most maligned of man-juices, makes a man more alert and focused, and even helps with cardiovascular health. (Of course, too much can cause problems.)

With any luck, we’ll soon see therapeutic regimes that put this important research into practice. I would also like to take this opportunity to suggest to the researchers a new line of inquiry: are there positive effects on a man spending a few hours in a strip club.

Come on people, it’s for science!

Alltop loves it some science. Via. Read the study at the Royal Society website.