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Professor Quippy: Scientific Astrology Blues

Professor QuippyAs it turns out, the time of the year you were born in does have a major impact on your life. A number of studies show that when you were born affects your personality, your health, and will indicate your chance of developing a serious mental illness.

So, if you’re feeling a little schizo, then you are much more likely to be born in February, March or April. If you’re a man, and you enjoy your beer a bit too much, then the odds are higher you were born between September and November. (Also known as the “Alky Zone.”) Female and tending to anorexia? The research shows your birthday is more likely to fall in April-June.

According to this chart from the New Scientist, it looks like the only time that is safe for a birthday is August or January.

This is all making me feel like it’s time for a beer, and no, I wasn’t born the Alky Zone.