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Professor Quippy: Sexual orientation predicts geographic orientation skills

Professor QuippyIf you’re a comedian a standard (cliche) thing to poke fun of is how men don’t like to ask for directions; now researchers at the University of Warwick have discovered why men won’t get some orienteering aid.

No, it’s not that straight men are inflexible, arrogant, know-it-alls (or not just that), nor is it because they’re “making good time”. It’s because they’re better at reading maps.

Really. It’s not just a stereotype. According to the study, sexual orientation is a good predictor of how well you will be able to orient yourself with a map. Straight men are best at it, followed by gay men, then lesbians, and then straight women. (Presumably bi-sexuality has an impact too, but the report from the Telegraph does not say. Perhaps this leads to always wanting to find two routes to the same destination.)

But all you straight boys shouldn’t get too excited. When it comes to finding the map, straight women are much better at remembering where it was left.