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Professor Quippy: Surviving the Apocalypse with MySpace

Professor QuippyA couple of researchers at University of Maryland want us to log into MySpace the next time disaster strikes.

Ben Shneiderman and Jennifer Preece are applying for a grant to build a social network website similar to MySpace or Facebook to help people deal with the after-effects of an earthquake, flood, or a limited thermonuclear exchange. They’re working on the theory that emergency call centers will be flooded with calls, and that you’ll be able to get life-saving help from the “many-to-many” information exchange of social network websites instead.

I don’t know. If my face is sloughing off from radiation burns, I’m not sure I want to depend on treatment options from the collective wisdom of Gothgurl97 and Buffyluvr105.

You can find the New Scientist story here.

Important follow-up!

And just in time, the International Atomic Energy Authority has created a new sign to help us know when to run from radiation. We can only assume this is a joke. Nope. It’s serious.