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Professor Quippy: Sweat Your Ass Off — Literally

Professor QuippyIf you need to lose some weight, consider turning off that central air.

According to a study from an obesity researcher at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, too many Twinkies and not enough time on the treadmill are not the only factors leading to obesity.

Not getting enough sleep contributes to weight gain, as does keeping your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

They drew up a list of factors other than calorie intake and exercise that may be leading to higher obesity rates, including a few provocative suggestions:

  • social stigma around smoking (tobacco)
  • fewer concentration camps (Gitmo notwithstanding)
  • decreased popularity of heroine
  • a decline in the tapeworm population.

In the end it comes down to calories in and calories expended, but it’s good to know there may be other forces at work. Of course, it’s hard to fight obesity when there are outrages like the Twinkies Cookbook.

The science here:
Air con and lack of sleep promote obesity