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Professor Quippy: The tingle means it's killing you

Professor QuippyOscar Wilde once said, “Moderation is a fatal thing. Nothing succeeds like excess.”

But he wasn’t talking about Bengay, he was talking about art.

The tragic death of a high school athlete shows us all an exception that proves Wilde’s rule. (I can hear all the logicians cringing out there.) Apparently, she inadvertently killed herself by applying too much anti-inflammatory muscle cream. Or, it might be possible that her body just absorbed an abnormal amount of the active — and in this case, lethal — ingredient, methyl salicylate.

The medical examiner thinks it was the amount she applied, so there’s a lesson for all us in this — if it’s medicine, use it as suggested by the maker.

So put down that tube of EngorgeIt! If it hasn’t worked by now, then a tenth slathering probably won’t either.

Story here: Muscle cream blamed for death of teen runner