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Professor Quippy: Women can't keep secrets

PRofessor quippyAccording to the Telegraph, women can’t keep a secret. Yep, you heard it here first (well, second if you read the Telegraph) — the lid has be blown off this one.

Now, I’m not just being a sexist pig. You know it has to be true because it is from a STUDY. Done by RESEARCHERS.

Go on, go check out the article (link below), and you’ll see it’s all there in black and white. And red, because that’s how your face will be once you realize that the deep dark secret you told your best friend — you know, about the things you do with the Haagen-Dazs — was transmitted to someone else in (on average) 47 hours and 15 minutes. That’s right, your secret was safe for less than two days!

Your best friend!

And who has done this groundbreaking research? Other than “researchers”? Well, according to the Telegraph:

Michael Cox, UK Director of Wines of Chile, which commissioned the research to mark Chile’s National Day on Friday, said: “It’s official – women can’t keep secrets.

“We were really keen to find out with this survey how many secrets people are told. What we didn’t bank on was how quickly these are passed on by those we confide in.”

And you know what else? Secrets are much more likely to be passed on if alcohol is involved. Now there’s a stretch!

I’m guessing a nice Chilean Cabernet is the most tongue loosening, though I’ve always found gin works too.

Alltop and humor-blogs.com have nothing to hide. Article here.