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Professor Quippy: You will give me my ba-ba

Professor QuippySo have you ever had the experience of an infant staring deeply into your eyes while he surreptitiously dumps the Cheerios you were feeding him on the floor?

You have been the victim of the baby Jedi mind trick, according to new research from the UK.

According to the Globe and Mail:

Sweet little infants actually learn to deceive before they can talk, says University of Portsmouth psychology department head Vasudevi Reddy in a study that challenges traditional notions of innocence while confirming many parents’ suspicions about their sneaky babies.

Dr. Reddy says not to panic. The babies aren’t doomed to a life of fibbing, they’re just learning social interaction.

In addition to the Jedi mind trick [you will buy The Amadeus Net], babies also try to fool us with:

  • fake crying
  • subtle manipulations of intention
  • statistics.

Globe story here